The Dream of the Moon

This was a story about the moon, and her dream…

Could you see the moon in the night sky? Yes, it was shining. She gave us light to face the dark. But, something that we didn’t know was that she lived in the darkness herself. She felt lonely. A crowd of stars which surrounded her still wasn’t enough to cheer her up. No, she didn’t want a thousand of stars. She just wanted one biggest star, the sun. It was her dream to be with the sun, in the same place and same time. Could it be possible? Could her dream come true? She knew it couldn’t. No matter how hard she tried, it would always be an only dream, in her mind, in her heart.

She once asked herself, “Does the sun recognize my presence? Does he know that I want to be with him?”

There seemed no answer. But as time flew, she then realized that the sun always behind her, guarded her. He gave his light to make the moon shine by her own. He shared his precious thing to her. And she couldn’t ask more. Although they couldn’t stand side by side, at least she knew the sun always stayed there to complete her, to make the world more wonderful…Image

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